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ZZ Topless Lucky Thunder Boots

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OH. MY. GOSH. Words cannot even describe these INSANE boots.

Where to begin!?
A mixture of browns to compliment and contrast each other, extreme pointed toes, the most amazing orange, red, white, and yellow embroidery, a studded horseshoe on the front of each boot. Did we mention the damn thunder bolts on the sides!? Tell me Billy Gibbons doesn't fantasise about boots likes these every second of his life. These. Boots. Are. Heaven.

Brand: Old West
Size: 7
Heel: 1.3" Cuban
Length (end of the heel to the tip of the toes): 12.9"

All of our vintage boots have been hand picked and imported from the USA and Mexico. We only choose boots that are a little different to the rest and stand out. More often than not, we never find another boot the same. 

Boots are vintage- meaning they have been worn by (hopefully) cowboys, folk singers, and air guitarists decades ago. Soles will always be in tact, and boots will always be ready to wear as soon as they arrive on your doorstep. We clean, polish, wax, and restore all boots. We take time conditioning the leather, so your boots have a nice, buttery feel to them.

We recommend Lyddy Saddle Soap to clean your boots every few months- this will keep the leather conditioned, clean, and smooth.

Postage is free Australia Wide on all our boots!

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