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"We got in the habit, being the sort of punks we are, of screaming at them to get off the stage, to kick out the jams, meaning stop jamming. We were saying it all the time and it became a sort of esoteric phrase. Now, I think people can get what they like out of it; that's one of the good things about rock and roll."
"Kick Out The Jams (Motherfuckers)”, became something of a battlecry back in 1968. And that use of the “M” word got them into a lot of trouble: police raided MC5 shows, record stores were cited for selling their album, and the group was dumped by its record company even as Kick Out The Jams stormed up the charts.
  • Measures 3.5 inches high, and 3.5 inches wide
  • Materials: Felt + Iron backing
  • Handmade, designed, and embroidered in the USA by PatchYaLater
  • All patches and pins: FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide
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