Motel 6

Alice wears: K.Bundy Lace Top & Motorhead T-shirt Shorts
Zsa Zsa wears: Outlaw Lace Top & Iron Maiden T-shirt Shorts

Alice wears: Party Time Tee
Zsa Zsa wears: Funeralopolis Jacket & Slayer T-shirt Shorts

Alice wears: Never 4 Ever Halter & Easy Rider Lace Up Shorts
Zsa Zsa wears: Smokin' Muscle Tee & Hard Tail Lace Shorts

Zsa Zsa wears: Hands Off My Cans Lace Tank & Scorpio Curse Bottoms
Alice wears: Desert Dreamin' Tank

Alice wears: Raptus Mesh Tank, Easy Rider Lace Up Shorts
Zsa Zsa wears: Sweet Heart Tee

Porcelain Alice
Zsa Zsa LaFine

Photography & Set
Ingrid Diekmann

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